TLLA Events

9/13/17 TLLA Board Meeting at TCC #302
9/14/17 Volunteer Recognition Dinner
9/15/17 Leadership Conference
9/21/17 TLLA General Meeting at Bashor Lounge, Heritage Hall      
  Dr. Steven Lamy, "Global Politics in the Trump Presidency"
10/11/17 TLLA Board Meeting at TCC #302
10/25/17 Gourmet Lunch Bunch, "Bottega Louis", Downtown
11/9/17 TLLA General Meeting at Kaufman School of Dance
  Dance Performance
11/29/17 Gourmet Lunch Bunch, "Bouchon", Beverly Hills
12/6/17 TLLA Board Meeting, TBD
1/24/18 Gourmet Lunch Bunch; "Chaya",  Downtown
2/8/18 TLLA General Meeting at the University Club
  Peggy Grande, "The President Will See You Now"
2/21/18 TLLA Board Meeting at TCC #302
2/28/18 Spring Tour; Fashion Institute of Design Museum, Downtown
3/10/18 Alumni Day of SCervice
3/22-24/2018 Women's Conference
3/25/18 TLLA's 60th Diamond Anniversary
3/25/18 TLLA Benefit at the Natural History Museum
  Marching on with the 'Spirit of Troy'
4/11/18 TLLA Board Meeting at TCC #302
4/18/18 Gourmet Lunch Bunch, "Julienne" , San Marino
4/22/18 Admitted Student Reception, Janice Boswell's home
4/25/18 Admitted Student Reception, Michele Engemann's home
4/28/18 Scholarship Recognition Social, Town & Gown
4/28/18 USC Alumni Awards Dinner
4/29/18 USC President's Tea
5/9/18 TLLA Annual Meeting at Wilshire CC
  Jerry Papazian, "USC - Yesterday and Today"
5/11/18 USC Graduation
5/17/18 ATL Annual Meeting
5/23/18 Gourmet Lunch Bunch, "Spring", Downtown
6/6/18 TLLA Joint Board Meeting at TCC #302