Trojan League of Los Angeles was inducted into the USC Widney Society 11/2016. Donations of over $1 Million Dollars to USC over their 58 Years of volunteer service! Congratulations TLLA!

TLLA has left a donation footprint throughout our beloved USC. The organization’s members have remained CONSISTENT throughout their years of volunteer service in providing financial support.  The Widney Society honors and celebrates the commitment of the University of Southern California’s benefactors who have given or pledged $1 million or more.  The university is proud to recognize its leadership supporters by inducting them into this new society - and by establishing a new tradition in the inspirational spirit of Judge Widney. 

Since TLLA’s Inception in 1958, our organization has proudly supported USC in Donations in 6 Key Areas.  They are, Major Projects, a Fully Endowed Scholarship Fund, Showcasing Individual Schools, and Continually Supporting the USC Alumni Association and Admissions’ Events.

Highlights include:

Major Projects:

• $150,000 2013-2017 John McKay Learning Center
• $15,000 2015 Engemann Health Center
• $162,000 2008-2011 Ronald Tudor Alumni Center
• $40,000 2007 Corridor in the Doheny Library
• $25,000 2002 Renovation USC Bing Theatre
• $10,000 1999 Restoration Widney Board Room
• $10,000 1998 Women's Athletics' Locker Room
• $40,000 1986-1987 Renovation of Hancock Auditorium
• $33,000 1979-1980 Restoration of the Doheny Fountain
• $100,000 1995 Renovation of the Courtyard MacDonald Becket Center
• $3000 1984 USC Library Fund
• $1,000 1981  Town and Gown Kitchen Renovation
• $4,300 1979 New Seats in Bovard Auditorium
• $25,000 1974  Furnishings for the New Board Room in Widney House
• $20,000 1973 USC Master Plan - Library Gift Fund
• $18,000 1969 Redecorating the Hall of Nations

Annual Benefits Showcasing Individual Schools and Programs:

• Over $100,000

Joseph P Allen Fully Endowed Scholarship - Dornsife:

• $100,000 2006

USC Admissions and USC Alumni Association - 50 Plus Years Financial Support

TLLA Ladies Preparing Invitations to the 1998 Senior Breakfast, USC Admissions

• Over $300,000

Includes Student Scholarship Recognition Events, Senior and Junior Breakfasts, Admitted Student Receptions, Counselors’ Luncheons, SCions, SCampus Days, and USC Womens’ Conferences.