Board of Directors

2023- 2024 Board of Directors

Left to right top row: Holly Globereman, Erin Dundee, Marilyn Brown, Mary Hall, Lauren Gorsch, Sue Phelps,Toni Motte, Terri Boyle, and Cheryl Schwartz,

Bottom row: Kimberly Doder, Susan Rossi, Marcia Kreditor, Beverly Marksbury, D’Arcy McLeod, Lynn Mehl, Christine Ofiesh, Charlene Ebright, Wandy Jung and Serena Overhoff

Not in attendance: Franchine Cafarchia, Hilary Crahan, Oksana Giebeler, Harmony Frederick, Dominique Langerman, Cynthia Wiese and Sharon Wood,



D’Arcy McLeod


Lynn Mehl

Immediate Past President; Parliamentarian

Serena Overhoff

Vice President Fund Development/Benefit

Marilyn Brown, Wandy Jung, Cheryl Schwartz

Vice President Membership

Mary A. Hall

Vice President New Members

Christine Ofiesh

Vice President Hospitality

Membership Committee

Vice President Scholarship

Cynthia Wiese

Vice President Programs

Erin Dundee

Recording Secretary

Susan Rossi

Co-Corresponding Secretaries

Sue Phelps and Terri Boyle 

Treasurer & Finance Chair

Hilary Crahan

Alumnae Coordinating Council (ACC) Representative

Lynn Mehl

Handbook Chair

Toni Motte

TraLA Newsletter & Press Chair

Sharon Dolezal Wood

Allocations Chair

Holly Globerman

Bylaws Chair

Francine Cafarchia

Nominations Chair

Charlene Ebright

Gourmet Lunch Bunch & Cocktail Bunch

Kimberly Doder

Spring Special Event

Lauren Gorsch

USC Yesterday & Today Chair

Beverly Marksbury

Telephone Chair

Serena Overhoff and Oksana Giebeler

Website Chair

Dominique Langerman

Social Media Chair

Harmony Frederick

Member at Large

Oksana Giebler

Member at Large

Marilyn Kezirian

Member at Large

Marcia Kreditor

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